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With so much to do in one day how can Bubba possibly find time to rest?
​From jumping to swimming even running and racing he hopes to squeeze in as much play time as he can. Follow along with Bubba as he experiences the importance of sleep.
Written by: Pamala Nobles
​Illustrated by: Vera Nobles-Tano

A Level One book series starring two lovable bears. 
Bubba is a boisterous brown bear who enjoys dynamic play. Bria is an artsy purple bear who finds pleasure in all things girly and whimsical. Follow along with Bubba & Bria as they tackle life's simple problems and have a ton of fun along the way.

​8x8 Paperback

With 18 pages of brilliant color and concise sentences this book is sure to boost your little one toward a path of reading success.


Book1: Boisterous Bubba

SKU: 9780998786902
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